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Best Golf Tips of All Time


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Best Golf Tips of All Time

1,000 Nuggets to Noodle

by Tom Metz

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A fun gift for every golfer!
Yes, it is tongue-in-cheek. Who needs 1,000 golf tips?
Put smiles on the faces of your golf friends.

From the back cover:

What I like about golf is that the ball always goes exactly where I hit it. This book will help you like where you hit it more often. Golfers say you should have only one or two swing thoughts. Well, I say the more the better. What you need is 1,000 nuggets to noodle! 

When you wonder why the ball went where it did instead of where you wanted it to go, that's when you reach for this book and discover a passel of golf tips. No golf bag is complete without this book. You can never have too many golf tips!

Available in both paperback and Kindle versions. 192 pages.
Bettencourt Publishing Ltd. (February 2016)

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